Moving On

The staff at ASSR aim to provide all our children with every opportunity to progress academically, to develop worthwhile interests and acquire personal qualities that will help them throughout their life.

During their final year at ASSR the children are given specific opportunities that develop their emotional and social development to support their transition to secondary school.

In alternate years the year 5 and 6 children either take the lead roles in a school play linked to one of the topics, last time we had an Olympic themed show that was of an excellent standard and developed the children’s confidence and self-esteem.

In the other year the children take part in a residential adventure based experience. The children abseil, climb, BMX, complete assault courses, swim, shoot and problem solve. As well as giving the children new experiences as they develop independence and confidence by being away from home. It is fantastic to see their self-esteem soar!

There are good links between the secondary school and ASSR that supports the children’s transition. Heathfield teachers comment on how well the children at ASSR settle at their new school.

Although we are a small school the children have developed excellent social skills by being taught in mixed-age classes. Our children have the skills to mix with children who are both older and younger than them as they get the chance to be the youngest in the class and then the oldest.

Each year, in any one class, some children move onto the next class and some children join. As the class changes the children get to mix with new children, develop their social skills and make new friends; all essential skills for transferring to secondary school.