For anyone who has as yet to join this fantastic fund raising scheme. If new members sign up to the site following a referral from an existing member we make an extra £2 following the new member's first donation.

You/others can use this link to hopefully earn that extra donation for much needed resources for your children.

Our cause name is : Friends of ASSR Heathfield

The PTA have another incentive to support funding for our school. Perhaps parents/carers would be so kind as to share with friends and family who may be interested.

The PTA set up an arrangement with name label and sticker providers, Mine4sure. If you use our code, OLD1556, when ordering you'll receive a 5-10 % discount (% depends on total spend) and the PTA receive 15% Cashback.

They do quite cool labels, shoe/bag labels and stickers with lots of choice for colour, font and design. Santa bags etc at this time of year also. They are expecting catalogues and leaflets (and a few samples) in the next couple of weeks so we can hopefully distribute in book bags in early Jan. Link below: