Dear Parents and Carers,

We are now at the stage of crisis where children are at risk due to to reckless driving and cars being parked dangerously. Cars are now mounting the kerbs in order to bypass parked cars. Please, please can everyone support us in order to avoid one of our children being hit by a car. Emergency vehicles would not be able to assist our school or residents living within Old Heathfied due to delays, which would undoubtedly put lives in danger.

The Options are:

  • We have contacted ‘The Half Moon Inn’, Old Heathfield. They have offered our parents to utilise their car park at drop off and pick up times. Please treat the car park with care and respect. We are extremely grateful for their goodwill gesture.
  • Parking at the top of the hill beside the swing park where there is more room to park.
  • Parking at the bottom of school hill and walking up to school.

Please do not park at the bottle neck leading up to the school. This is a narrow, dangerous area and will lead to congestion and worse still, a child being struck. Please see photo of this area.

Today we have contacted Highways Department and the Police in order to address our concerns. They will be visiting our site and addressing our concerns. In the meantime, we all need to take responsibility to safeguard our children.

Thank you

Andrea Vance

Head of School