At ASSR we keep classes small to enable teachers to spend quality time with every pupil ensuring that the unique qualities and talents of each child are recognised and encouraged.

Teachers ensure that children are engaged in their learning by matching the tasks to the children’s ability and making learning practical and interactive.

Teachers constantly monitor and track each pupils’ progress so that learning is tailored to their needs maximising the progress made.

Children are made aware of the next steps in their learning through steps to success, shared in each lesson and individual targets in maths, reading and writing.

Children are encouraged to evaluate their own learning against the identified steps to success for the lesson and teachers give feedback identifying strengths and an area for improvement linked to the learning.

The headteacher monitors the progress of each child at three key assessment periods each year. Once assessment data has been collected and analysed for each child pupil progress meetings are held and any child whose educational progress is not on track has an action plan to get them back on track.

At ASSR we work hard to build strong relationships between teachers and parents/carers so that home and school can support children together.

Parents are kept informed of their child’s progress and attitude to learning through parent consultations which happen three times a year. Children’s current levels and targets are shared with parents/carers.

Children can share their work with parents and carers at our three Open Afternoons each year. A report summarising key aspects of children’s learning is sent home at the end of each academic year.