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Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to ASSR!

We are a small, welcoming village school committed to the wellbeing and academic success of our pupils.

Our strengths are based on excellent relationships, with pupils, parents, staff and governors.

We are an inclusive community where all children can flourish through our school vision:

Learning to be the best they can

Loving all God's Kingdom 

Living life in all its fullness 

John 10:10

We would be delighted to show you our unique and wonderful school - Please do not hesitate to contact us to book a visit.


Ailsa Clark, Head of School


Dear Families,

I work as Executive Headteacher across the two small schools that comprise Sussex Spires Federation working closely with our two talented Heads of School. I am responsible for overall leadership including the strategic decisions and processes across both schools whilst the Heads of School deal with the day to day management and leadership.

I love the process of learning and want to pass this on to the children in our schools.  Learning for me is not always an easy process. It should be challenging and rigorous, but also creative and engaging. I love lateral thinking and getting people to look at things in new ways. I want our children to live in a deliberate and responsible way, to engage with life’s big questions, to be curious and to understand that they can make a difference in the world. In today’s changing times, our children will need to think differently and adapt to new roles and responsibilities and we need to equip them to do this effectively. 

My priority is always to do my best to enable all in our school community to be they very best that they can be. I am completely committed to the children in our care and love seeing them learn and flourish during their time with us.  They are the reason I do my job and they are at the heart of everything I do.  Sometimes as Executive Headteacher, I face difficult decisions, but if I’m ever in any doubt, I simply ask myself, “What is best for the children?”

Catherine Cottingham

Executive Headteacher, Sussex Spires Federation